Print USPS Labels From Microsoft Excel

Save Time, Save Money, Make Fewer Mistakes.

Runs On Microsoft Excel and Word

Faster Than Any Online Software, Highly Secure, Your Data is on your PC

Get Orders From Any Website,
All Sales Channels Are Accepted

All websites export orders into Excel.
Special automation included for
Amazon and ebay

Ship With USPS, FedEx, or UPS
All Are Accepted

Ship using our discounted USPS account or add your own Shipping Account for free.
Third-party shipping available

Update Tracking Information
And Inventory

Painless update of tracking information and inventory after shipping

Installs In Microsoft Excel

Once installed, a new section appears on your Excel ribbon called "Orders". The Orders Section will have options to import orders, launch a shipping dashboard
Requirement: Windows Excel 2007 or better

Designed And Built By A Seller

Saves Time And Money
Decreases Mistakes

Works Best If You are a single shipper and offer Less than 200 different products

Prints USPS Shipping Labels
Faster Than Any Online Service

No need to wait for a website to load
Batch print labels at the speed of Excel.

Print Packing Slip Attached
To Each USPS Shipping Label.

No more time wasted sorting through the shipping labels and packing slips. Whether you have 1 or 100 shipping label to print, Excel shipper will print the corresponding packing slip with the shipping label.

Enter package weight and size once

Excel shipper will memorize the package size and weight of each item you sell and will auto-fill this information the next time you ship the same item.

Automatically Compare Shipping Costs

USPS is not always the cheapest; compare all your shipping options and save

Smart Sort Orders Before Shipping

Orders are sorted by product in a smart algorithm that decreeases mistakes.
Excel Shipper will warn you when an item needs to ship express

Keep an Inventory In A Seperate Excel File.

An excel sheet is used as an inventory file, and is updated whenever a shipment is performed

Tracking and Inventory Information Can Be Sent Back To Your Marketplace.

Option 1: All Websites

A file can be configured and uploaded to any website to update the tracking information or the inventory.

Option 2: Amazon and Ebay

In case of Amazon and Ebay, Inventory and Tracking information cann be updated with 1 button, no need to upload an excel file.

Orders Are Only Available On Your PC.

Your orders are not shared with us or any other third party website. Everything stays on your pc and is saved in Excel.

Reports on Sales

Excel Shipper Will Save Orders From All Your Marketplaces In a Single Sheet so you can perform any Excel report you need.

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  • Commercial USPS Pricing
  • All Sales Channel
  • Connect To Amazon
  • Connect To ebay
  • Inventory Update
  • Tracking Update
  • Print Custom Packing Slip



  • Commercial USPS Pricing
  • All Sales Channel
  • Amazon Connect
  • ebay Connect
  • Inventory Update
  • Tracking Update
  • Print Custom Packing Slip
  • Your Carrier AccountUSPS, FedEx, UPS, CanadaPost
  • Third Party Shipping
  • Accounting Integration



  • EDI Integration
  • API Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Special Automation
  • Advanced Shipping Station
  • Multiple Users
  • Anything We Can Do
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